God has no theological blind spots

If we prioritise and bang on about one kind of sin to the exclusion of others, those particularly prone to this temptation will become hugely discouraged and fall away. Remember we all have different personal struggles, though Christ knows about each one and was tempted in every way, yet remained perfect.  Those who feel particularly targeted by our neuroses and pet hates will not experience Christ’s warm welcome for the last, the least and the lost, the tax collector and the prostitute (those particularly vilified in the days He walked on earth).  Instead, they will withdraw and cause much anguish to the Church by the fact they have been inspired by the Spirit but not incorporated into Christ’s body.

The Lord teaches us what is good and true. He shows us clearly all that is sinful, so we can be warned that if we submit to any of these moral shortcomings, we will be in danger of compromising our integrity and becoming enslaved to an idol.

Never forget the importance of learning discipline to realise the gift that God has for each one of us. This will be a serious struggle for us.  We will find many road blocks and barriers to our understanding but that is why we need each other – mutual burden-sharing.

Some of you will be thinking… but I’ve been diagnosed with a, b and c and need x, y and z to help me. Don’t trust in these props, these crutches, but put your faith in what you are capable of.  We humans use 3% of our brain capacity.  Moreover, you are incredibly special.  You are a gift, a treasure, made in God’s image and created to yearn for eternity, to long for more.  Your souls or minds, call them what you will, just think differently from those novelist of yesterday who write elegant prose and touch briefly on these truths.  You can learn to read whatever else someone puts on paper and write in a way that can be properly understood and powerful.  You will be able to unlock the connotations in one word, separate the wheat from the chaff, discern what is truly good and be inspired to pass on this blessing.


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